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How to Communicate Effectively Throughout a Project

Some may perceive a Project Manager’s job as easy: they facilitate meetings, manage the schedules and communicate with various teams and [...] 

How are Product Management & Project Management Different?

Tech companies are often started on a big idea. While big ideas are great, they typically don’t become a product without [...] 

8 Meeting Do's that Make the Best Use of Everyone's Time

I’ve never heard anyone say, “I can’t wait to attend that meeting!” That’s because most people dread them. They are either too busy or [...]

8 Steps to Project Success, Even If You're Not A Project Manager (Forbes)

Do you have a new project but don’t know where to begin? Are you an organizing whiz but prioritizing tasks doesn’t come as easily? Have you [...]

How Assumptions Can Derail a Project...and What to Do About It

A project is well underway. Things seem to be running smoothly, you’ve heard nothing about issues or roadblocks. You ask the team weekly if they are [...]

How to Break Through a Team's Resistance to Change

We’ve all been through change in the workplace – from highly respected managers or executives leaving a company to process overhauls within a [...]

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The Failures That Helped Me Become a Better Leader (Forbes)

Years ago, I was thrust into a position where I had absolutely no experience. It would’ve been easier if I'd had a mentor to guide me along the way. But [...]

Top 3 Ways Project Management Can Eliminate Roadblocks...So You Can Focus on Driving Success

As an organizational leader, do you find yourself spending an enormous amount of time in meetings talking about projects, chasing down [...]

Would You Hire a PM Without These Soft Skills?

Ever wonder how project managers are able to juggle so many projects they manage resource allocations, schedule, budget, issues, risks and [...]

Don't Underestimate the Value of the Lessons Learned

In a previous article, I wrote about the importance of a kickoff meeting for project success. But how do you really know that a project was successful once [...]

Want to Avoid Team Burnout? Start Prioritizing Your Projects ASAP

Ever wonder why some teams are always so busy but nothing ever seems to get done? It could be because projects are not being properly vetted and/or [...]

Post-Kickoff Tips to Maintain Project Momentum

You’ve just held a successful project kickoff meeting. All team members and stakeholders have a clear understanding of objectives, scope, and [...]

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Why All Successful Projects Start with a Kickoff Meeting

Many factors contribute to project success—having a business case, executive support, proper resourcing and others. But what happens when [...]

3 Easy Ways to Drive Process into Your Biz

Some people cringe when they hear any reference to implementing process. They associate it with stringent rules, regulations and paperwork. This [...]

Managing Teams: From Conflict-Ridden to Conflict-Free

When it comes to conflict within a project team, I’ve seen and heard it all—from technical disagreements over product design and miscommunication on [...]

Getting Real: Understanding the Role of a Project Manager

A successful project manager must have a certain skillset—strong leadership and communication, organization, time management and [...]

How Important is it to Choose the Right Project Management Software? Breaking it Down...

Trying to find the right software to manage your projects can be overwhelming. Doing a search on “project management software” brings up a plethora of [...]

How to Keep Your Project from Becoming a Statistic

If a project manager ever tells you that they have never experienced project failure, they are only kidding themselves...and you. As a matter of fact, 70% of [...]

3 Common Project Management Beliefs...And The Facts That Belie Them

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a project team say, “What does a project manager do anyway?” They wanted to believe that I was enjoying a [...]

Hiring the Right Project Manager

Ready to hire a project manager? If your company is investing in this critical role, you’ll want to ensure that you hire the best fit for your team and [...]